Digital Stewards Pratt Institute Visit

Hey guys,

Yesterday we went to visit Pratt Institute, a school for art and design. This trip began with a tour of the campus. On this campus we saw a lot of unique art for example we saw some historical sculptures that had their own special meanings. We also saw one of the countries oldest steam engines, which were cool, because we know Pratt to be this great school of modern deign and art. Nevertheless, it was cool to know that they still hold on to old/historical things. In addition, on graduation day and new years, they connect the engine to these whistles that sound and envelope the campus in steam’s later that day we sat in on a presentation about Green infrastructure and future landscapes for Red Hook. These ideas were both highly futuristic but inspirational, it really convinced some of the Digital Stewards that maybe this can happen in the future. In addition, I do not know whether it was walking on campus or seeing the students interacting with each other but it provided a comforting atmosphere that inspired some of the digital stewards to pursue college.





A Trip to Detroit’s Allied Media Conference


 “The opening ceremony of the Allied Media Conference”

Over the weekend, the Digital Stewards took a flight to Detroit, Michigan, to attend the Allied Media Conference. The Allied Media Conference is a collection of many workshops dealing with media of all kinds, such as art, music and video. While there, the Digital Stewards attended a variety of these workshops. Some of these workshops ranged from making a hip hop song and envisioning the future, to how selfies are affecting us. The Red Hook Digital Stewards also met with the Detroit Digital Stewards and held a workshop of their own where they taught the attendees how to crimp cables, flash nodes, and start their own mesh network.

The Digital Stewards also had a lot of time to bond with each other with activities such as bowling, parties, eating out at restaurants, and going to the movies. The Digital Stewards are definitely closer as co-workers and friends and they are thankful for the opportunity.


“Digital Stewards, Tim and Ali, showing how to flash a node”

Here is what the Digital Stewards had to say about their experiences:

“We learned how people use different types of artistic ways to tell the struggle of what the community of Detroit is going through. They express their views in video, music, and art to tell the stories of what they went through and some of the the struggles they still face.” – Abdussabur Ali

“The AMC conference was very interesting and really diverse. It was the first platform i’ve seen that allowed transgenders and gay participants take the leadership role from leading workshops to performing at parties. I was also intrigued by the number of ways these guys used media as a means of expression.” – Robert Smith


“The Attendees of the Digital Stewards’ workshop, intrigued by their knowledge”

“The AMC conference was very interesting. It was a good experience for the Red Hook Digital Stewards. It shows us what we can accomplish in life. It surprised me, working with each other as well as we did. The live radio broadcasting workshop was deep, seeing a lot of people use their weakness as a weapon really inspired me to work hard and never give up on what I really want to do in life. I wish we could do this every weekend, as this really was a great trip and I am looking forward to more.” – Carrington Peters

“Attending the AMC was a very unique experience for me. The amount of diversity in people there was amazing. I also believe the Digital Stewards workshop was very well done. We all overcame our nervousness and did an outstanding job” – Marc Marrero

“The Allied Media Conference was a fun and great experience. I really enjoyed our workshop and I think we did an excellent job on teaching everyone about mesh networks” – Alden Parkinson

“The Allied Media Conference was a great experience. It showed a lot of us that we could do things we thought we couldn’t, as long as we put our minds to it. I loved the workshop “Future Landscapes”. I thought it was cool with the many different ideas people came up with and that we can all achieve our goals one day.” – Tachét Jones

One of the Digital Stewards also helped make a hip hop song with a few other attendees, here is the video below:


Digital Stewards Weekly Reflection 5/27/14

Last week, the Digital Stewards had their hands full learning new things. Some of those things include the Seven Layers of OSI (Open Systems Interconnection), how to input commands into a command prompt, what certain commands do, what is a command prompt, and how routers and switches work. The Seven Layers of OSI is used as a reference model for how messages should be transmitted between any two points in a telecommunication network. The Seven Layers include the physical layer, data link layer, transport layer, session layer, presentation layer, and the application layer. They have also learned how routers and switches control traffic of information on a network to deliver and receive data from other sources. They operate similarly to a mail room and deliver small collections of data, known as packets, similarly to a highway. Currently, the Digital Stewards are learning how to navigate through a computer using command prompts. They also learned how to log on to their assigned nodes and get information from neighbor computers using the command prompt. They can check to see if their node is up and running or if its down by using the command prompt from anywhere instead of going to the nodes location and physically checking it. Last week was a very busy week for the Digital Stewards and they can only look forward to learning even more this week.       command_line_big

Digital stewards Weekly post 4/23/2014


This week the Digital Stewards had a brainstorming session about the ways we can design and build an efficient network. Some of these steps included observing the neighborhood and deciding which parts need or should have internet access. This first step of planning lead to creating a survey for community residents to get their opinions on public WIFI and how it would help them. After this heavy brain working activity the Digital Stewards sat in attendance to lessons on hardware, software,and application where they experienced different teaching styles from applicants to teach the Digital Stewards their tech curriculum. We thought it was important that they have an opinion on what type of trainer they would like to learn with. Finally, on Thursday the Digital stewards took part in a workshop and discussion by representatives of the project known as Red Hook HUB, a analog and digital community communication system.