Careers in Audio/Visual installation- A Digital Stewards Event at RHI


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Hello, I am Robert Smith. I am currently the Digital stewards program assistant. I am here writing on the audiovisual career job fair that took place on January 29, 2014. The idea for this meeting started after one of our … Continue reading Diversity in Tech Conference

The Diversity in Tech Conference brought together different people from the technology industry  together to discuss some issues we deal with in technology today. This went from education issues to more deeper issues’ personally. I was impressed by the amount of respect shown to the issue of diversity. topics such as racial profiling and gender discrimination concerning women were discussed. This exposure allowed us to see technology from a different perspective, and brought attention to the blind spots in this vast field that we werent aware of.

In addition, we presented a PowerPoint. This opportunity allowed us to network with people from all over. The exposure allowed us to exchange ideas with different people. I personally count this as an awesome experience for the simple fact that we were the youngest people in the room, which served great purpose. To find out more about this event visit the following link:,

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A Networking trip to Control Group

Yesterday we went on a little field trip to Control Group, a technology and design company. There we met the director of operations Craig Hillelson and his crew and had a meeting with them in their conference room. We talked about how the company started, their role in software development, and future employment opportunities. We also talked about the skills needed to be a project manager (like Craig) and to obtain an entry-level position at the company. Later, one of the senior software developers Chris gave us a tour of the entire office. We saw many cool things such as the MTA interactive bus map that is commonly seen in most places such as the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center subway station. This made us more excited about our future and the opportunities that await us once we graduate from the program.

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Network Maintenance

On Friday January 14th, 2014 we began to clean up the network. We wanted to change the channels of our nodes, hide the access points, and adjust the power on the nodes that we have on our network. With the help of our partners from Open Technology Institute, making these changes will improve our network and make things a bit easier for the users in the community. Changing the channels will cause less interference on the nodes because they all have to be on the same channel in order for them to mesh. Hiding the access points will eliminate the signals that people can see on their devices but can’t connect to. This will cause less confusion because people will no longer be able to see a signal that they can not connect to. We also have to change the power of the nodes because they are so strong that our phones may be able to see the signal. This is a problem, although the signal is strong and you can see it your mobile device is not as strong. Since your device is not strong enough to connect to the router, adjusting the power will resolve this issue. We went out into the community in groups with Laptops to make these changes. Some changes were easier to make then others as we still have some network maintenance to do.

by Tiwan Burrus

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What we did this week

This week was extremely interesting. Besides the Addabbo Center install, we took a trip to Jersey City. On Thursday we took a train and a three-minute ferry ride to visit Goldman Sachs for lunch and a presentation. Along with talking to us about our work, Allan, Allan D., Xiabo, Josh, and the rest of the technology team talked to us about how to build and expand a WiFi network. We reviewed all the basics such as LAN and WAN networking, MAC and IP addresses. We learned about SSIDs, WiFi channels, and how they work. After that we tested diagnosing WiFi signals and networks hands-on using the WiFi analyzer app. We also took a tour to the lab and had some lunch with pizza and delicious cupcakes.

We had an amazing time and hope to come back and visit them again!!!!

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