NY Tech Day

My time at NY tech day was a great experience I learned and met a lot of different people like myself that I have connected and shared a lot of similarities with ,for example there position within there company being a work force and team trying to expand and develop there work and share with the world. I didn’t understand a lot about technology but as the days goes by and with the help of these trips I am to gain and grow more about technology and I am absolutely looking forward sharing more of my experiences and to gain more ability in the technology world.

NY Tech Day

CoSign_8_RGB_Web_Color_Solid_BackgroundMy time at new york tech day was great. Since i had been to one already this month i wanted to experience it again. This time it was a bunch of companies pushing their products and the apps they made of cooped with another company. Which was great because it would be something for us to think of doing or look forward to doing. There was this one company that used selfies to get money that company is called cosign. i seen many companies that caught my eye and wanted to be apart of but there were so many. by the time i got to the next room it was almost time to go other then that i had a great time at tech day an would love to have my own table at this event one day.

3D Print Art Show

New York City is magnificent place to be for inspiring upcoming artists! This City is filled with Art Galleries, Exhibitions, Motivational Conferences, Educational History for Arts and more.  Digital Stewards : Generation 5 was able to get a live experience on the show-floor at Jacobs Javits ” 3D Art Show . Visiting the Jacob Javits was amazing , there was a 3D Print Art Show with a variety of  fine art exhibitions exposing  new uses of technology . We were able to be acquainted with fashion , pieces of architecture, interior designs and consumer goods. 


                          On A wonderful April Thursday morning me and my team visited the Jacobs and Javits center.  Here me and my team experienced lots and lots of new things.  For example me personally I never knew 3D printing existed until that day. The fact that you make actually 3D print blows my mind. It was one spot in the gallery where you stood in a machine with hundreds of lights and camera and when you got out the 3D printing machines make a statue of your entire body right in your face that amazed me a lot.

Here are just some toys made from the 3D printer

Here are just some toys made from the 3D printer

Also as I adventured through the show I found some metal around so I quickly asked did a 3D printer make this object and the guys said yes of course. I thought it can only produce plastics objects but thanks to technology We can now make metal 3D objects.

Fun in the sun with my team

Fun in the sun with my team

Here are more examples of objects made from the 3D printer.IMG_2756

My Experience at the 3D art show

my experience at the 3d digital art show was a decisive one. At first i really wasn’t interested in anything i have seen.Yeah it was cool to see that you can get your body scanned an molded into a statue that just really wasn’t for me


so i just walked around for awhile looking asking but couldn’t find anything to catch my eye by lunch time i was bored and was ready to go but after lunch it was like i’m here i have to stick with it and find something .

after lunch we went back to the show and did some more searching an as i was doing that i seen an ant-man helmet that i wouldn’t believe if you told me from then on i was glued to this table how did this printer make this helmet.


i love animation especially when it comes from cartons that i grew up on this changed my whole perspective on this event. I wanted to own one of these printers so i can do my own type of art It was just amazing seeing how a childhood can still be enjoyed while creating new ways for the new world that changes every day.


I for one enjoyed my time at the 3d printing show an won’t mind going back.


Digital Stewards and 3D printing

On Thursday April 16th, Generation 5 of the Digital Stewards took a trip to Jacob Javits Center to see technology in action. Technology is extremely multi-faceted in it’s uses but Thursday’s focus was all about how we can take our ideas and use technology to bring those ideas into the physical world; in other words 3D printing. There were many different start up companies with their own 3D printers. All of them with some examples of what their 3D printer can produce along with business cards and staff to give insight in-case there were any questions. There were differences in the technicalities between each printer but there was one over-arching motif during the event and that was the merging of creativity and technology.


Creative process of a 3D print from initial idea to final product

There was a sense of artistry with every booth we visited. The event felt like a presentation of a brand new medium with which to paint. Thats something I feel is prominent in the mission statement of the Digital Steward program. The concept that with the help of technology, we can take the ideas we have and bring them to life. Thursday’s event was a very literal demonstration of that ideology.

Participatory Budgeting

Last week Me ( Jalis ) Alden and Jesus attended a participatory budgeting meeting at the Red hook Initiative during which we got to experience first hand how participatory budgeting works.

Participatory budgeting is a different way to manage public money, and to get people involved with government. It is a democracy in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget.


RHI youth engaging in conversation with speaker

You can join too by becoming a delegate were you are a big part in the decision making process. You can also volunteer to help out in different ways, if you want to do any of these you can go to the site Participatorybudgeting.org click participate and find out how you can make a difference in your community.

We split into groups and listened to other opinions and voiced which ones were most useful. Many groups wanted arcades and movie theatres but our group wanted things that could actually affect the community in the long run like an elevator at smith and 9th, and programs that can help young adults live on there own.