AMC Conference 2013 recap

On June 20th-22nd we went to the 2013 Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI. It was interesting, we had a lot of fun, and we all had a good time :)

Nigel Taylor Johnson:

“Where Should I begin! It all started when Tony had let me know about a trip in Detroit. I was skeptical about it but it was a new experience for me so I gave it chance. The reason why I was scared because for one, I’m scared of planes. That’s pretty much the only reason why I went. When I got there it was a new adventure, new culture, and lot of people who didn’t judge and was willing to learn about you as you was willing to know about them.Our first day there was sort of slow and a little bit boring but that’s any place you go for the first time. I met a lot of cool people from all over the world. I met a guy from Senegal and a group of people from Cali, Toronto, Florida, Texas, and etc. The real important message I learned on this trip was to never judge a book by its cover. I also lived by that motto but when you in New York judging is part of nature, and Detroit everyone is their own person. No one cares how you look dress or act if you have a heart they have one back towards you. On Friday our presentation was a good one; we was the youngest crew and being our first time there giving a presentation, we had the jitters,but we pulled it off and we including myself and felt really good about myself and my team. Some of the workshops they had really enlightened me. First I got to build a computer from scratch with Katherine. We actually build a game from a software called Scratch and Twine. I also went to a workshop called Let Me Upgrade You and  I learned about our economic climate change, and  that me being involved with my community I can change it drastically. What I learned and liked about this trip was every one wants to put a helping hand in their community and I liked it because everyone is a person with a heart and who don’t judge. We were able to be ourselves this whole trip and met people exactly like us from different backgrounds and different environments but one thing for sure we created equally, and to find that out you must move around and interact with those who differ from your peers… Detroit Was Great”

Stefanie Deji:

“Besides all of the cool workshops that I went to (I even learned how to sew!). I liked the experience of not being with my mother and sister for once (even though I missed my cute little baby cat, Dutch). I also liked the fact that Detroit was much quieter than New York and the apartments and houses are cheap (now if the Mayor could only find the owners and convince them to sell their houses). I’ve never even heard of Wayne State University and it’s way too late for me to go (maybe I could apply for Grad school there…), but I would definitely recommend the campus to anyone looking to go to college. I between the parties and the fun interactive workshops, I had a lot of fun :)”

Anthony Evans:

“Thursday we left for Detroit on a plane, we took off around 10:25 and arrived at our destination around 12 o’clock. Once we arrived we took a cab from the airport to the Wayne State Campus, checked in, got unpacked and left back out to meet some of the very interesting people at the AMC. Our first task was to help set up a node in Hillberry so that everyone there could have free open WiFi. We split up into about three groups each with the task of setting up a node. Once we accomplished that goal, we went back to our rooms and chilled out until our BIG dinner at Traffic Jam & Snug. The food was awesome. Friday was our BIG day presentation time. We studied up for a little while and before you know it the time was here. First the detroit digital stewards went up first and explained what they were doing. Then it was our turn. First up was Tiwan, he did his thing then Kathy, Steph, me, then Nigel. We all let did a great job people were so intrigued wit us and our work it felt good. Friday I attended a workshop on how to make beats with using every utensils these guys were from the bay area san francisco the work shop was pretty cool. But in all we partied hard showed detroit what brooklyn was all about and I can say the experience was phenomenal. Can’t wait to GO BACK!

Tiwan Burrus:

“It was cooler then I thought! My first time at AMC was great. I went to work shops, met new people, and learned many new things. The atmosphere in Detroit is so different from here in New York its really mellow, free, and exciting. I met people and shared knowledge with people from all over the world, from New Orleans, to Washington DC, to Canada, to Philly. The workshops that I went to were the scratch workshop in which we learned how to make our own video games. I’ve learned the facts about lottery tickets from another workshop and how the odds are against us, which was a presentation put together by people from Bushwick. I also attended the Detroit future media workshop where we discussed how media can have a positive effect and change Detroit for the better. We presented our powerpoint which was pretty good being that that was our first time s a group. It will only get better each time.

AMC was not all work like I thought it would be. After we attended work shops and the work was done it was time to chill, kick back, have fun, and socialize. We went out to dinner with OTI and the Detroit Digital Stewards which we shared our work with each other and had a good time. We also went bowling which was really cool because there was so much going on in the same building. We had Kathy, Nigel, and Preston on singing Karaoke, then the dance room just a few steps away from that. Our bowling game soon ended with so much going on around us that our lane just stopped working.  The Wayne State University Campus is amazing, its beautiful, has everything you need, and so much to offer to their students. Everyday we walked through it i felt like I seen a new building. I felt comfortable with my surroundings which made the trip better for me because I did not think it would be as cool as it was.”

Katherine Ortiz:

“On Thursday us the Digi Stews traveled to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference.  Now this conference was about all media in all states and countries and coming together to make everything better for where we live. We went out there to meet and discuss with the Detroit Digital Stewards and to also give a presentation about what we have done and what else we are planning to do for the rest of the year. We also attended a few workshops, like build a computer with Mr. Nutt which was cool because we got to see the inside a computer and how each piece works. How to make a game with the program Twine, and also using the scratch program to create a video game cartoons which was taught by an 11yr boy. Our last workshop was the Detroit future media which was about finding the problems in our community and finding the solutions to make the change. All in all the conference was a great experience we meet a lot of cool people, went to some great parties with great music and it is something I would love to do again.”

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