New beginnings:

We are a group of young adults who install, maintain, and promote the Red Hook Initiative Wifi network. Our main aim is to do outreach within the community, create partnerships with businesses and non-profit organizations relating to the network, identify possible installation sites to place routers and antennas on. We are hoping to create a safe, digital environment that’s beneficial to the community while maintaining digital infrastructure and justice.

Byron Benn is a Brooklyn native that wants to learn more on technology. Technology is the wave of the future and we need to know about what the next step in human life is. That’s why byron joined the digital stewards program with the RHI. Learning new skills to be more tech savvy. Wanting to know what goes on in the internet world as a whole. He also wants to learn how to make videos because of his music career. He also wants to learn how to make his own apps and websites that could help him, his business, and his family succeed.


Carrington Peters but people call him Karrot . He’s likes to play basketball, workout and spend time with his family. He’s a very mellow and laid back person. He also like meeting new people and traveling to different places and learning new things.

His goal he wants to accomplish is to learn more about computer networking and connecting wifi, and how to help develop better wifi around Red Hook community to help communicate faster, and to handle personal business way easier. His future goal is to have his own business.

Abdussabur Ali is a quiet but focus man . He prefer to be call Ali. He interested in learning about the hardware and software. He know if you can`t use a computer you cant stay in touch with the youth. He looking to learn how to create new application to show the great side of red hook.

I have alot of expectations in this program. I know that I want to learn how to take apart and put together a computer. I also would like to know the different softwares and hardware to improve or make my computer run better. I also want to learn things to maybe bring to my neighborhood to show how many different options we have to offer to the community.


Andre Richey Is a 19 years old that was born and raised in Brooklyn New york.

For a short period of time in his life he went to Howe Military School out in Indiana to play basketball. During the time he spent there he loved the way he was getting treated with respect and how the area he was living in was calm and fresh. He learned the skills and basic behavior of being raised in the military life.

When he finished high school Andre went on to attend Mercy College out in Manhattan and majored in Sociology. The youngest kid in his class, being only 17 years old he felt like he was smart, brave, and focused.

Later Andre got trapped by negativity in the neighborhood of Red Hook Houses and it caused him to be incarcerated away from all his loved ones for 2 1/2 years of his life. During the time being incarcerated he focused on separating himself and learned how to become a better father, son, & human being living in society. Now that Andre gained his freedom back he has taken his families advice to be patient, work hard and always be determined and not afraid to achieve anything i want.


    Tahvon Gorham is 23 years old, a single parent, and loves to play basketball.  He really hopes this program can make him learn a lot about  wifi and the Internet and he plans to make a career out of it one day.


Tachet Jones is 23 and she’s a member at the Rhi Center with Digital Stewards as an intern. She’s excited to join the program and learn things. She also likes to read and write, she’s just happy for the new experience and opportunity to learn more.

Her goal is to come out with a better understanding of wifi and how it works. To help develop wifi around the Red Hook community to help communicate better with our fellow neighbors, and help people get around the neighborhood easier.


Stephen Torres is an 18 year old and he is part of red hook. He really wants to learn how to make a game from the digital steward program. He  finished high school and is waiting to go to college soon and his major will be computer science . He wants to play sports in college and the sport he wants to play is football and baseball. He is playing baseball with the Brooklyn  cougars for the past 3 years . Stephen want to learn how to make  the codes for  the game.


Alden Parkinson is a young adult who lives in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. He is very interested in all types of technology, especially computers. He hopes to have much more knowledge about technology in the near future. With that knowledge he will be able to create more job opportunities for his self and others.


Divina Bussey is a mother of two Boys, but she doesn’t let that stop her from striving. In January 2014 she obtained her GED. Now she Joined Digital Stewards to gain experience and independence. She wants to be able to further her education and have a stable living for the Boys and herself as well.


Hassan Stevens is a 21 year old young man who attends the RHI digital stewards program. While attending this program he plans to work with his peers to learn and advance his knowledge in the field of technology.With these new skills he plans to use them in many different ares of working.


Marc Marrero is a 19 year old male who was raised in Red Hook, Brooklyn. He is very willing to learn and experience new things. He became a Digital Steward to learn more about technology, expand his resume, and work towards his dream job of being a graphic designer.


Luis Agueda is  a pretty simple laid back guy that is a very attentive person that loves learning, and being exposed to new things in everyday life.


2013 Digital Stewards: Anthony Evans: Hi, my name is Anthony Evans and I’m 22 years of age. I’m very outgoing and well-spoken. I like to bring people up that are down and I want from others what I want for myself and that’s success. My goals are to become a master at being more tech-savvy on the computer, being someone that motivates and have kids look up to, and building my community up. image Stefanie Deji: My name is Stefanie Deji and I’m the Blog Administrator and Editor. I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the City College of New York. I initially applied to be part of the Red Hook Digital Stewards because I wanted to be part of a moment that can help create a free wifi network for Red Hook, especially for people that can’t afford post-paid internet plans. The bad news is that I’m too old to be part of the program (I’m 25 and the cut-off age is 24), so Tony Schloss hired me to be the Blog Administrator because of my writing skills. My goals are to gain job experience, strengthen my writing, and to learn more about different internet skills. image Katherine Ortiz: My name is Katherine Ortiz and I’m 22 years of age. I have lived in the Red Hook Community my whole life. I have a son who is going on the age of three in May. He inspires me to do better everyday. My goals in life are to at some point go back to college and to find a way to live comfortably with my son. 524032_10151527141832353_455855265_n Tiwan Burrus: My name is Tiwan Burrus. I grew up in the Red Hook community and have been living there for 20 years now. Over the years I’ve seen things change for the better and some stay the same. I’m a very creative person who likes to work with my hands and finish things the best way I can. I like to play football and draw on my free time when I’m not hanging with friends. I currently work at the Red Hook Initiative and have been there for a quite a while now. While working at the Red Hook Initiative enrolling as a participant who attended workshops, I learned a lot of important skills from the Red Hook Initiative that helped me in my everyday life. I’m a part of the Middle School team here at the RHI as well as the Digital Stewards program. While in the Middle School after school program we help the kids with homework and create group activities for them to play. We help them any school related projects as best as we can and play interactive and educational games to help them grow. As a Digital Steward we are working to improve the communities infrastructure providing wireless internet connection throughout the community. photo Amaris Smith: My name’s Amaris Smith and I am eighteen years old. Growing up in Red Hook, I experienced a lot of things and through out just living here for eighteen years I realized that I could be a part of the job opportunities offered to help the community in Red Hook. There’s been a lot of exploring in the neighborhood. I’ve seen a lot of bad things and some good things but most important I’ve seen others help out so I decided to be apart of RHI  to help out my community giving free WiFi. While doing this I noticed how big of a help it would be to help those that really need the help because of their lost of their things during Sandy. I’m glad to even be a part of a job that helps out the community with the WiFi,  better yet, It’s a great experience that is something new to me and it’s helping me develop a wonderful skill dealing with technology, photography and so much more. On my free time I love to cook and act a fool. I’m very sweet, open minded, talented, and I play the drums which is a passion for me because there aren’t alot of female drummers. As I got older, I developed a passion for it and I love it so far. It motivates me to do much better in life as it being a talent. I have a twin brother which is kind of cool because I love him being around most times and he’s not really a bother because we just have different personalities. I also noticed that I can sing. I haven’t really came out of the box with it to be able to sing in front of a crowd but I know I can sing so I’m happy that I can sing to express myself or my feelings. In life I struggled with just doubting myself but I’m happy that as I’ve gotten older I believed more in myself.  I graduated from High School and got my diploma which is one of the best achievements I’ve done so far in my life and I’m happy and so proud of myself. 0 Nigel Taylor Johnson:

Hello I’m Nigel Taylor Johnson and I lived in Red Hook for twenty-two years now. I’m twenty-two years of age so that’s my life. I love to play football and workout and I’m big on competition in anything from sports to video games and seeing who can eat the most chicken wings. My goal for the next three to four years is to make it in the UFC and play D1 college ball. I always wanted to get my Master’s in Education and History to teach young kids about our past and ancestors. I want to also open my own daycare Dojo because I love kids, to fight, and especially love to teach, so opening a daycare Dojo is a dream more of a special goal.  Digital stewards is a place for me to sharping my software skills, learn more the internet world as it grows rapidly, and spread the word to those who don’t have knowledge of computers and networking as I do. I feel being a Steward can help my career in the network/software industry. Every skill and trait that I have and was born with now I just want to make useful instead.
Photo on 2013-11-13 at 12.31 #3
Robert Smith:
My name is Robert Smith and I am a part of the Digital Stewards Street Team. Besides that I am a cool, calm, and collective person who loves martial arts, handball, skateboarding, dogs,music, and singing.

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